The Collaborative Corner: Kara Hackett

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Episode 2 – Co-Founder and Editor of The Local Fort Wayne, Kara Hackett

Welcome to The Collaborative Corner, where we dive into the heartbeat of Northeast Indiana! In this episode we delve into the pressing issues shaping Northeast Indiana with Kara Hackett, Co-Founder and Editor of The Local Fort Wayne.

In this episode Kara discusses the key issues in Fort Wayne that her newsletter The Local covers. Kara brings a wealth of insight into Fort Wayne’s vibrant culture and ever-evolving landscape and uses her expertise to shed light on what makes Northeast Indiana truly unique.

The Collaborative Corner is a production of the Fort Wayne Media Collaborative with the goal of connecting listeners to the stories and culture of Northeast Indiana.

Hosted by WBOI Program Manager, Zach Bernard, and Digital Media Coordinator for the Fort Wayne Media Collaborative, Brianna Datta-Barrow. Produced by Brianna Datta-Barrow.

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  • Brianna Datta-Barrow

    A Fort Wayne native, Brianna is a graduate from Purdue University Fort Wayne, where she studied communication and media production. Brianna is a photographer, webmaster, and digital media coordinator for the Fort Wayne Media Collaborative. She also works for the Center for Collaborative Media at Purdue Fort Wayne as a segment producer, production assistant, and social media manager.